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Every few miles we stopped to load and unload passengers. At one stop Bernie asked me about the problem I was having up front. He had seen me arguing with the Repulsive One. Bernie shouted at him with a clenched fist to leave me alone. That sparked a lot of chatter among the passengers, causing a 20 minute delay. The owner of the bus was sent to sit in the back, where he suffered humiliation and laughter at his expense.

Eleven hours later we reached Bathurst.

Next morning, as I was packing, Bernie came to my room. He said he had followed the wrong star the night of the wild boar hunt. That was why we were lost.

He became snippy again, as if to make up for his mistake with the star.

I continued packing.

He said he didn't like me.

I said, "If you don't like me and we just make each other angry, why do you come to see me? Why don't you stay in your compound and I stay in mine and we just not see each other?"

Bernie replied, "I think I just won't have anything more to do with women. I only make them miserable." And he left.

That was the last I saw of Bernie Adams.


Two days after literally being "up a tree" in The Gambia, I was sitting in the luxurious home of a young millionaire.

A Lebanese man I had met in The Gambia called a friend of his in Freetown, Sierra Leon, and asked him to take good care of me. The friend was a 30 year-old bachelor multi-millionaire named Mustapha. When my plane landed in Freetown, Mustapha was waiting for me at the airport. He brought me home to his mansion and placed his Mercedes, chauffeur and staff of servants at my disposal.

Mustapha introduced me to his friends and family - and to his girlfriend, German movie star, Heidy Bohlen. During my week long stay in Sierra Leon, Heidy and I spent our days together sightseeing or just relaxing. Every evening there was a party somewhere. Mustapha was an excellent host and Heidy Bohlen became a good friend.

Heidy and I luxuriated in the relaxed atmosphere at Mustapha's house. Anything we needed was just the ring of a bell away. I enjoyed the plush life - and the pleasant people - especially after my hunting trip in the bush.


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