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Dear Gail,
I greatly enjoyed your story of the Gambia. I went there with the US. Peace Corps in 1982 and ended up living there till 1989. I especially enjoyed hearing of the "repulsive one" who tried to feel your leg in the bush taxi!! I know that problem well, it happened to me too. I miss those fun days in West Africa and hope to go back someday on vacation.
P.S. I got married in Banjul to a Palestinian in 1983 and we're still together.

Thanks for your reply Gail,
You may certainly post the email if you would like. I have not written about my adventures but hope to do so sooner rather than later. I have recently relocated to Utah from Michigan and actually began writing a "book" about my experiences living among Arab-Americans. I still have all the long letters that I wrote to my mother from the Gambia and have not read them yet. She gave them to me several years ago. They will contain many details that I would have long forgotten so that will be useful in writing a book. I was wondering where you are seem sort of British but I don't know. I do not have a blog, I don't know how to do that....old you know :) ........but very young at heart still and very adventurous. I do really miss Africa. I have some great photos too but all hard copies. I was there when Jawara was president, an attempted coup had just failed, the airport was just tiny....much different I think. Some of the same hotels may be there, the Senegambia?? The Fajara club?? Let me know.